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We are a trusted partner to a range of companies across the recycling industry from processors, refineries, and smelters, to manufacturers We handle all major categories of recycled ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc, with a substantial interest in other non-ferrous metals.

Middle Distillates

This includes:

0 m+

Cubic metres of middle distillates
traded per annum

0 +
tons of solid mineral
brokered quarterly

Mineral Ore

This includes.


1. Soft Commodities 

2. Edible Oils

0 m+
tons of agro allied raw materials
brokered per annum


This includes 

Heavy Material Recycling

1. Polymer Based Products

2. Ferrous Metals

3. Non-Ferrous Metals


tons of steel in place for
recycling in 2017

tons of chemicals and lubricants
brokered per annum


This includes:

Food and Commodities

1. Soft Commodities 

2. Frozen Seafood

Risk Management



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